How To Find A Good Sourcing Agent in China

How To Find A Good Sourcing Agent in China

China sourcing agent

While some entrepreneurs in western countries buy complete goods from Chinese factories without visiting the country, others outsource their product manufacturing and components to Chinese factories with ease. A sourcing agent can not only help identify reliable suppliers but also handle everything: requesting quotes, finalizing a supplier, drawing up payment terms, asking for sample runs, and so on.

No matter if you are a new startup or a well-established business, here are some tips for you to find the best China Sourcing Agent:


  1. Employment Websites

    Employment websites, like LinkedIn, can connect companies and individuals for employment purposes. You can find a lot of potential agents who can help you find reliable and good quality product suppliers from China on similar websites.

  2. Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

    Exhibitions, business events, fairs, and shows are packed with potential agents that are looking for businesses and companies to work for. In addition, good PR is always important for your business. One of the biggest exhibitions in China is the Canton Fair. It is held in Guangzhou, Guangdong province twice a year in spring and autumn.

  3. Search Engines

    To find good business partners online, it is always important for you to use brilliant search engine platforms like Google. Entering your keywords, such as required qualifications or amount of experience, can get you results that might be suitable for you. Google can show all the information, and it costs nothing. If you are in doubt, there are always specialized link building services, which create niche-relevant content for your business and get you the Google rankings you need.

After getting some potential sourcing agents, here are things to consider:

  • Location of the sourcing agent
  • Expertise on the product that you want to buy
  • References
  • Required documentation
  • License
  • How they deal with quality issues

Like Vona, the company has experience in sourcing and manufacturing a wide range of products. Most of its team members have over 10 years of experience in the industry. Vona provides many professional manufacturing suggestions to clients for free and handles from the raw material to final products. Its IPQC system will make sure every product is in good condition and the company always believes “Every customer deserves a high-quality product.”

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