How to Avoid the Late Delivery

How to Avoid the Late Delivery

, How to Avoid the Late Delivery

​Late delivery is always a big problem. When December is drawing near, l will get a lot of letters from my client. They are worried about the goods delivery date. The following tips will help you avoid late delivery.

Prepare Your Order 45-60 Days before Chinese New Year
Usually, most factories will be closed 10 days before the Chinese New Year(Chinese traditional holiday). as you know most workers live far from the place where they work, so they need time to transport home. at the end of the year, some factory close earlier, because their poor business; in the opposite, some factory is crazy busy, because they have lots of customers, and all of them want products shipped out before CNY Holiday. So in this case, you may have to prepare your order 30-45 days in advance.

Small Quantity clients or importers Don’t Be Too Worry about CNY

Pay attention to the latest time for shipping your goods
If your goods are shipped by FCL/LCL, you can remember that the deadline for the loading container is 3-4 days before CNY. Because no one is willing to send their goods during the deadline period, yes? so you had better arrange it 3 or 4 days earlier before the CNY. Usually, one week before CNY is the busy time for forwarders, as all the importers are eager to ship goods out before CNY. That is why this time period, the shipping price is very high! after the Spring Festival, the price goes down about April.

It is necessary for the client to prepare the next order before the new year you may meet the situation that suppliers may suggest you place your next order, and you have to pay the deposit, but I suggest NOT to listen to them if they are not your long-term suppliers. It’s better to place the order after CNY. Because you may find other suppliers that you will not put your deposit there. and the price may not increase.

What do you do During CNY Holiday?
Usually 4 days ahead of the statutory holiday of CNY to 4 days after it, totally it’s around 16 days, During this period you are not able to contact your suppliers successfully because they are busy with the Festival. and no matter the phone call or Skype, you will get nothing to feedback from theirs. These are all very normal, doesn’t mean that they are not reliable.
So this time, you should focus on your country market.

When Will the Chinese suppliers go back to work after CNY?
Usually, we have 7days official holidays for the Spring Festival, but for the factory workers, they will rest longer than that, Because most of the workers are from other cities, some even very far from where they work. So they are not willing to back to the factory too early. For this point, you should get noted. so everyone will come back to work 5-10 days after CNY’s statutory holiday, and everything will be normal at that time.

Usually, after a new year, the price will change, please kindly noted
It is very common that you will get a higher price after they get back to work. because the labor costs, raw material costs …other costs increase. and Chinese people regard the new year as a new start then. so for you what is the most important thing is to confirm the price level and term before it happens.

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