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VONA Specialize in Metal & Plastic & Electronics Sourcing, Manufacturing  and Assembling.


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Vona owns and operates two metal factories and one plastic factory in China, providing professional China Sourcing and Manufacturing services. Based on our unique and professional service model, we are able to balance the initial investment needed to discover opportunities with expected returns of investment. As a professional China Manufacturing firm, Vona works with more than 500 pre-qualified manufacturers in different industries. Our team has a lot of experience with manufacturing metal, plastics and electronic products in China. We have helped over 400 clients producing their products in China at an average 18.6% less than their previous costs.

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Vona’s Advantages

Vona is a professional China Manufacturing/Sourcing firm, operating three factories and partner with over 500 pre-qualified Chinese manufacturers.

High Quality Control System

Vona handles from the raw material to final products. Vona’s IPQC system will make sure every product is in good condition. Vona always believes “Every customer deserves a high-quality product.”

Reasonable Price

Vona controls the whole process and has good relationships with hundreds of suppliers. This can help us reduce the cost a lot. Vona promises all quotations we provided are fair and reasonable.

Professional Team With Rich Experience

Vona’s team has experience of sourcing and manufacturing a wide range of products. Most team members have over 10 years of experience in the industry. Vona provides many professional manufacturing suggestions to clients for free.

Efficient Communication

Many issues are caused by bad communications and misunderstandings. Vona is an English-speaking team and some team members are used to live in foreign countries for many years. We understand your value and culture.

Intellectual Property Protection

Vona controls the whole manufacturing processes and most products are assembled/packaged in the Vona-owned factory, this will help us to protect intellectual property. 

​Small Business Friendly

Vona provides RD&PD for startups and crowdfunding projects. Low MOQ is acceptable as we understand that your first order might not require large-scale manufacturing.

Produts We Source/Manufacture

We provide best China sourcing & manufacturing solutions!

After a decade of efforts, we are proud to offer…

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Custom Fabrication

Metal Fabrication
-Metal Stamping
-Laser Cutting & CNC Machining
Plastic Fabrication
-Injection Molding
-Rubber/Silicone Molding
Electronics Manufacturing
-PCB & LED & Battery

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Product Assembly

Vona-owned Asssembly Factory
100+ Assembly Labors
5+ Assembly Lines
32,000ft² Assembly Space
6+ Assembly Enigneers
10+ Years of Experenice
50+ Successful Projects
100+ Assembly Machines

Our Clients and Campagins

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Gosun Fusion

$384,481 USD Raised
China Manufacturing Company, Home Page

Grill Floss

Amazon Choice
China Manufacturing Company, Home Page

Gosun Chillest

$944,676 USD Raised
China Manufacturing Company, Home Page

Aquaforno Stove II

$367,065 USD Raised


happy clients

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In the past few years, we have produced and delivered tens of thousands of products to the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, etc…

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